Multidisciplinary workshop on strategic approaches for advancing infant and child occupant protection

A Transportation Research Board sponsored workshop titled Strategic Approaches for Advancing Infant- and Child-Occupant Protection: Birth to 15 Years on will be held on Sunday, January 12th from 9:00 am to noon in Washington, DC. This workshop was organized by Joyce Pressley of Columbia University and Maria Vegega, who recently retired from NHTSA. The workshop brings together CDC, NHTSA, academics, consultants, and private industry to discuss existing and emerging issues in infant, child and adolescent motor vehicle occupant protection.

This workshop will examine strategic approaches and best practices for addressing current and emerging issues in infant and child motor vehicle occupant safety across the four critical stages of pediatric occupant protection, from birth to 15 years of age. A broad array of speakers will provide updates and a framework to guide discussion of current and emerging factors contributing to infant and child endangerment, effective interventions, expanded social media communication tools, knowledge gaps, and research needs. Speakers and discussants include research and policy institutions, practitioners, university researchers, government agencies and private consulting organizations.

Registration for the TRB Annual Conference is required for attendance.

Contact for questions: Joyce Pressley, PhD, MPH, Chair of ANB45 Occupant Protection,

Workshop organized by: Joyce Pressley, Columbia University and Chair of ANB45, Occupant Protection and Maria Vegega, Road Safety Consulting

Sponsored by Standing Committee on Occupant Protection (ANB45)