Injury Times Occupational_Finald_Page_1The Injury Times is a periodic newsletter published by the Columbia Center for Injury Science and Prevention (CCISP) containing analysis of key injury-related policy, regulatory, and legislative developments for prevention, research and advocacy. Topics addressed are current and of relevance to injury prevention initiatives being conducted in Region 2 and beyond.

Past issues focus on motor vehicle related issues, such as rear seat passenger seatbelt laws, distracted driving, texting and reckless driving laws, NYPD collision investigation policies and other MV issues. Occupational safety includes OSHA’s hospital worker safety initiative, the psychological, physical and economic toll of unchecked workplace bullying and other workplace hazards. The substance and drug-related safety issue contains information on marijuana medical and recreational use laws, road traffic safety issues related to substance use, DUI-D laws, the role of regulations on prescribing, dispensing and monitoring prescription drugs, the role that public health departments are playing in addressing substance-related injury and other related injury issues. Subsequent issues are forthcoming on a variety of topics where policy and legislative efforts are being conducted that impact injury prevention.

Motor Vehicle Safety
Occupational Safety
Substance and Drug-Related Safety Issues