Injury prevention is by nature a multidisciplinary undertaking with some of the most efficacious local efforts emanating from multiple individuals and organizations working collaboratively in neighborhoods and communities. Under ordinary circumstances, the daily paths of persons with potential to improve the injury profile of a neighborhood, community or region may not intersect in a meaningful way. Individually these persons may not have the knowledge, power or evidence needed to influence development, passage or enforcement of protective injury policies and laws or to implement effective injury prevention programs.

Columbia University School of Public Health is well positioned to conduct outreach initiatives that will engage the full spectrum of individuals and organizations, improve regional cohesion and advance injury prevention at the community and regional levels. Outreach Co-Director, Dr. Barbara Barlow, a nationally-recognized injury prevention pioneer and leader has a celebrated history of building coalitions comprised of academic institutions, community leaders, parents, schools, surgeons, pediatricians, governmental organizations, businesses and corporations. She together with Co-Director, Dr. Joyce Pressley and our outreach team have a unique experience and background that brings the credibility and expertise needed to conduct effective outreach from the community practitioner to the policy maker.

Through the work of this unique blend of experienced, award-winning injury-prevention faculty and staff, the outreach core will support the mission of the Center through expanded and formalized collaborations with institutions, community stakeholders, agencies and policy makers located within the Center’s geographic region and beyond. The outreach team will develop social media modes of communication to facilitate the rapid transmission and uptake of new injury prevention knowledge developed locally, regionally and nationally. Several approaches will be undertaken to encourage a collegial, inclusive atmosphere where incubation of new injury prevention ideas can come to life, thrive, be evaluated and scaled up to achieve population level regional injury-related health improvements.

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